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Thanks to Jana, Simon, and Mathilda I got the honor to be nominated for the "favorite blog award". Thanks a lot! The "favorite blog award" is a series of blog articles, in which bloggers ask each other 11 questions and nominate other bloggers with to answer your questions. The goal is to connect the bloggers and to give the readers the opportunity of discovering new blogs as well as get to know more about the person behind the blog.


For all who are not aware of the rules, that's how they look like:

1. explain the other bloggers what this is all about,

2. nominate 7-11 new blogs and inform them about it as well as

3. ask the nominated bloggers 11 new questions and link the person, who has nominated you.



Which is principally a very nice and interesting idea, turned, unfortunately, into a modern way of a chain letter due to the high number of bloggers, which have to be nominated. Thereupon, the quality of the nominated blogs obviously decreased. To gain back a bit of quality I therefore only nominate one other blogger. Quality over quantity is the keyword.


But enough of theoretical introductions. This is what the three triathletes wanted to know from me:

FloRuns wurde zum "Liebster Blog Award" nominiert
Credits: X-BIONIC®

1. What drives you in your life?

The desire to learn or discover daily something new.

2. What would you never be able to abstain from?

My freedom to explore the world and not to be dependent on someone's help in my everyday life. 

3. Ironman or challenge?

The Ironman Hawaii is declared goal, but in best case I can check both (Challenge Roth) sooner or later.

4. What is your biggest goal?

My biggest goal in sports is definitely to finish the Ironman Hawaii in less than 10h. Additionally, I'd love to cross Germany from South to North by running.

5. What has been your biggest achievement?

I guess, that I had the guts to sign up for my first marathon without having a lot of experience and finally also lining up and finishing. Otherwise, I wouldn't be where I am at now.

6. Are you fed up with Instagram?

To be honest, sometimes I am. But then I simply take a few days off.

7. Sea OR Mountains?

The mountains for sure. Even, if I grew up right next to the sea, I never really got into water sports. In terms of mountains, I'd prefer the mountains in and around Cape Town to enjoy the beautiful trails looking down on the beaches and over the sea.

8. Do you have an idol?

Not directly. But I gain inspiration from elite athletes, especially in terms of training.

9. At which race do you absolutely want to line up?

If you want to line up, you also want to finish. And I'd love to finish the Ironman Hawaii as well as the Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100.

10. What is the worst fitness exercise?

Anyone! I'm successfully ignoring any core strength exercises so far.

11. What is your next race?

My next race will be the Wings for Life World Run on Sunday in Munich. But most probably I won't run all out, as I rather use it as a long run training enjoying the unique and exceptional vibe.

Here are my questions:


1. Who or what made you start running?

2. Which was your first competition? 

3. Which is your favorite race you'll always remember? 

4. What is your favorite training session? 

5. What is you favorite alternative training? 

6. Road or trail?

7. Which three things always have to belong in your travel baggage?

8. Running or city bus tour?

9. Rather minimal or maximal shoes? 

10. Which event is totally overrated from your point of view? 

11. Do you think the 2h marathon mark will be broken within the next years?

I'm excited for your answers:


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