Sometimes to go out running needs a lot of motivation. Especially on grey and rainy winter days, but sometimes also after long days at work. To meet up with a running buddy can fix this problem and get you off the couch. Let me give you some advice on how to find and pick the right running partner.

There are those days, when “the hardest step is the one out of the front door!”. Running partners will help you to take this hard step, because they will count on you to show up. And you will rather disappoint yourself than a friend! Furthermore, you will even give 100% during the training, as the other one is counting on you to keep up and successfully complete the workout.

Running in a group or with a buddy helps to overcome motivational problems.


"Most often it is not the workout that gets us out of bed in the morning. It is the friendships and unspoken bonds of those counting on us to show up.”


Another advantage is, that running with one or more friends will help to distract you from the run itself. It just becomes much more enjoyable as you’re joking around or having serious discussions. In the end, you’ll have covered the goal distance before you have even finished the interesting conversation and you didn’t even feel that you just ran a certain number of kilometers.


“The road seems shorter when shared with a friend.”



Your main running friend might not be always available. Have a pool of different runners you can ask to run with in order to still be able to run with a friend or group. Injury, vacation or sickness – there are many possibilities why your favorite running partner might not be available.

Moreover there are many different types of runners. For example there are very chatty ones or more performance-focused runners. Choose your running buddy wisely depending on the workout you are planning to do! A performance-focused runner will be more suitable for speed workouts as you will push each other harder. A chatty one, on the other hand, will help to cover a long run more easily.


You will never improve, if you are not training or competing with a faster runner. You will always stay in the comfort zone with runners on a similar or lower level. But a more experienced and faster runner will more likely push you out of it. Even if you can’t keep up, the attempt to chase him/her will give your body already new training effects.


Of course it would be more suitable if your running partner trains for a similar distance or even the same race, but there are also possibilities to train together with somebody who is going for a much longer/shorter distance. There is always an overlap of similar distance and pace in each other’s training plan. For the marathon runner it might be a faster workout, for the 10k runner it’s an easy run. Just make sure to synchronize your schedules in order to be able to run together.


Nothing is more annoying and unnecessary if you meet up with somebody to run and you have to discuss the distance and pace first, especially on cold or rainy days! Talk about the workout before meeting, otherwise it might end in a big disappointment for both and everybody is running alone again.


The personality of your running buddy should be suitable to yourself. Distraction due to interesting talks and discussion always helps to make the run seem shorter than it actually is. But with a very quiet person who is just running next to you without saying much it can have the opposite effect. Similar as with a very talkative person who doesn’t even give you a chance to say something. Try to find out what kind of person you prefer and what personality your new running buddy has.


“Runners are friends you have not met yet.”


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